Stickers and Labels are the most versatile forms of print media available today. Not only can they be used for advertising and promotional purposes, but they can also be used for information, directions and dozens of other uses. Custom labels and stickers allow you to instantly add text or graphics to a surface, which is why they’re so useful for getting key information in front of people which you want them to see. There is literally no other form of printed media for this purpose which is as cheap, versatile and effective.


We can design and print stickers and labels in any size, any design and for any purpose, including vehicle graphics, packaging, envelopes, equipment, walk art and much more. Due to the customisability of stickers and labels a custom quote is required. Please contact us via our Enquiry Form and we’ll be sure to offer you the best price around.


Our coloured sticky labels are fantastic for labelling anything you need with important information. Many people use them as a form of information or signage which can be placed on any surface to remind passers-by of certain instructions or warnings. Another very popular use is for product packaging, where custom digital labels can finish off a product with the manufacturer’s brand name. This may involve a simple logo or it may even involve key product information. Choose from Gloss, Matt or Transparent labels.


Vinyl wall stickers are a powerful promotional tool. Not only can you use them for informational purposes, but you can also use them to share your latest offers and deals either internally or externally by showcasing product images, sales text and more. They can be made to a small size to fit in small areas, or they can be made as very large retail stickers which take up the majority of the surface and provide a real promotional showcase piece.


We specialise in custom stickers for cars, motorbikes, bikes, trucks, vans and any other vehicle. They are designed to be placed on the bodywork to display a promotional message or your company branding. The vinyl material and special inks make them fully weatherproof for years of outdoor driving use, whilst the adhesive creates a strong bond which can be carefully removed without residue if required. The result is a sticker which can last throughout many thousands of miles of driving in even the harshest weather conditions without fading or peeling away. Choose from a variation of materials including reflective vynil.



Window decal stickers are specially made to be stuck on any glass surface. The vinyl material and eco-friendly solvent inks make them ideal for indoor or outdoor use, and whilst the adhesive creates a permanent bond, they can also be carefully removed without residue if required. This is aided by the tough vinyl material which is tear resistant, meaning that it can be peeled off without leaving glue or paper residue which is difficult to remove. Another key feature of printed stickers for windows is that the adhesive can be applied on different sides depending on how you intend to use them.


It is a legal requirement to clearly mark potential hazards in a work place with health and safety signs. We can produce a wide range of signs and notices including construction signs, prohibition signs, warning signs, safe condition signs, fire safety signs, emergency exit signs, PPE signs, disabled (DDA) signs and mandatory signs for at-risk work places.


Unlike large print companies, Apex take care of each and every customer. We offer a personal one-stop service meaning, that we will always ensure a hassle free, prompt and friendly service for you.


Make it stand out and get the attention your hungry for. Our professional design service will be sure to get you noticed at great prices.


With the latest printing machinery all in-house. we'll get the job done quickly without compromising quality.


You can collect your printed products whenever you want from our office or we can arrange delivery right to your door.

High quality printed labels & stickers