If you’re looking for versatile large format printing, display boards are a great go-to product. Not just a promotional tool, display boards are great for those wanting to create and print artwork to hang inside there home or business. At Apex we offer a wide range of display boards to suit whatever you need. Display boards have so many uses for both indoor and outdoor.


Display boards are perfect for your business, at an exhibition or your store front for promotions, shop signage and more. Why not try printing up a set for your next presentation? Display your graphics, charts and stats with a professionalism that won’t fail to make a good impression. We can also apply lamination to all our signage. Lamination ensures the board lasts longer and is more durable. Below is some of our popular sizes and prices. Custom sizes and double sided are available , please contact our team to discuss your needs and for additional prices.


sign boards


Correx boards are made with thin polypropylene plastic in a corrugated structure, making them strong and lightweight. This material is also the cheapest option available within our range, making it ideal for temporary signage or for budget-conscious projects where a low price is the main priority. Our Correx boards are available in 5mm and 10mm thickness.



Foamex is a high density PVC foam board which is reasonably strong and offers a smooth printing surface. Foamex is m ideal middle-ground between Dibond and Correx if you’re looking for a high quality finish at a mid-range price. Foamex display boards are available in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses. Foamex is well suited for indoor uses such as information signs or brand signage. Whilst Foamex can be used outdoors, it’s recommended that only 5mm or 10mm thicknesses are used to resist bending or snapping in high winds.



sign boards
sign boards


Dibond signs consist of a stiff plastic core sandwiched between two sheets of thin aluminium. Despite the resulting sign being only 3mm thick, it’s extremely strong for its weight and fully waterproof, making it ideal for outdoor uses where high winds may be encountered. Dibond signs can be easily cut, drilled, glued, screwed and bent making them ideal for users without specialised equipment. Dibond is the more expensive signage solution compared to other materials such as Foamex. For this reason, Dibond is commonly used when mounting an outdoor sign which requires the highest levels of strength and durability.

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